So I was kind of expecting to cry at the end of this anime but I didn’t think it would be like this. There was NO way to be prepared for that ending.
I lived with these characters for about 2 months, I saw their development, I grew feelings for them, I cared about them. I felt this story as something personal, not just like frome an spectator point of view, and every week I found myself wondering about what would happen next. Like, it wasn’t just another one of my weekly shows, I really did thought about it constantly. And I think watching it since the moment it came out made the experience even better.

I’m not ready to get over this anime and I don’t think I ever will ;___;
I’m gonna watch it another 100+ times and cry my heart out every freaking time

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A small set for your tearful needs

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Zankyou no Terror - “Sphinx”


Zankyou no Terror - “Sphinx”

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So I don’t know if this was on purpose but~ While watching ZnT, as expected, I had one of those FEELZ moments so I had to pause it and it was exactly when Twelve found Lisa and


I don’t feel ready for today’s episode, I’m about to have an emotional breakdown rn..

i hate you mr. cameraman.

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the boy asked Heechul in Chinese to open the lollipop for him. Heechul thought he was giving it to him.

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